Thursday, June 28, 2012

stone sculpture

In 1998 I was blessed to travel to Zimbabwe, Africa with a friend and some fellow artists.  He said when we got there we could stay with his artist-friend.  I imagined couch surfing with some struggling artists.  Instead, his friend was the late Nikolas Mukomberanwa, who, at the time, was already a master sculptor and an elder statesman of Zimbabwean art.  I stayed on his farm for close to six months learning the art of stone carving from Baba Nikolas and his family.

The work pictured here represents what I produced upon my return to the States and in the years since. I learned that although I was taught by the Shona artist my approach and experiences lead me to different end results.

Sexual Healing  2004

Empress  2002

Hand to the Heavens 2003

Laura's Bird  2010

Love Stone  2004

Sideofyoneck  2003

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